Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Planning Your Subway Strategy

Illustrated by Christoph Niemann for the New York Times.

I like today's Abstract City blog entry from the New York Times because I do the same exact thing with subways: Once I get to know a stop and subway line, I know where I have to stand on the platform, where the platform's the least crowded, which train door to exit out of for the best staircase. I know that if I have to go to the boathouse and I'm coming in from Queens, I have to stand in the front of the E/F when I get off at West Fourth Street. If I'm going to Josh's, I stay in the second car of the G train coming from Queens (I haven't perfected that one yet, though). If I'm going home from Manhattan, I stand in the fifth car and exit out of the second door. It's just a great way to really know the city.

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