Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Yorkier

The nationally branded version of "the late sixties" may have been mainly about flowers and sunshine, but the New York edition was edgy, even grisly, always embedded with the imagination of disaster—that is, New Yorkier. Elsewhere the new romantics were escapists, dreaming of Arcadia; here, the model was more Weimar Republic, a dystopian Utopia.

—Kurt Anderson, "Boom-Bust-Boom Town," from New York magazine's 40th Anniversary Issue, Oct. 6, 2008

And because the cover of that issue and New York's first cover remind me of two of my favorite New York pictures that I've used a lot, I'm adding them here again:


graham! said...

Loving the new Rail articles! (and accompanying photos)
Did you see this story in the NYtimes?

How cool is that shiz!

Petrockstar said...

I remember that first one you've got up - the Inprint Special's real estate edition. Ah, memories. A beautiful picture, that is!