Saturday, March 28, 2009

Loose Change

I had to design a book cover for a group project in my Book Publishing class. I took the photograph, original is found here.

Bunny Peeps in the Dark

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow Row '09

My first rowing event this year was at the Snow Row, held on February 28 in Hull, Massachusetts. Three boats from Village Community Boathouse came up from New York to join the race and the festivities. I rowed in the Traveler, a fancy boat with an interesting stern deck (I think that's the term..._): instead of a covered deck, it's open in a way that you can put another boat on top of it. I got to both row and cox, and doing the latter was a bit hard since I preferred the deck to sit on, so I could see over everyone's heads. Anyway, our boat placed second in our division (four person coxed boat) and we were behind by just 14 minutes. We beat the other two New York boats (the Harbor School, and the other VCB boat), which made us feel good. After wandering around the beach for a bit and eating (free!) food, we headed over to the Hull Lifesaving Museum. The Harbor School traveled in style with a limo back to Boston, where the Chinatown bus was waiting for them. Rob dropped me off at the Quincy T stop and they all headed back to New York.

Getting ready for the race.

Markers for the boats.

The race is about to begin.

Rowing! Photo by Rob.

Coxing the boat. Photo from here.

Rowing. We beat that boat.

Awesome moment where we were between those two boats and we totally beat them. Photo from here.

Coming up to the finish line. Photo from here.

My crew. Photo from Rob.

Two of the VCB boats.

Car reflection. Note windmill and boat atop another car.

The head of the Snow Row.

Through the stern hole.

The Hull Lifesaving Museum, Rob's car, Rob, and the boat.