Monday, November 26, 2007

Through the Vias di Roma

Walking through the Colosseum.

March, 2007

Narrow, cobblestoned streets where cars, scooters and people alike make way for each other. Vias e vicolos. Gelato. The seven hills of Rome. Palm trees standing next to fig trees. Hail falling through the ceiling of the Pantheon. Piazzas. The Tiber. Old, weathered, beautiful buildings. Detailed churches and statues. Restored architecture. Throwing a Euro into the Trevi Fountain.

The ceiling of the Pantheon.

The Tiber River through the railing of its many bridges.

Via Della Conciliazion and Via San Pio X, the streets that lead up to Piazza San Pietro, with Rome's logo (featuring Remus and Romulus being nursed by the wolf) in the background.

A Roman street.

Basilica S. Maria degli Angeli e del Martiri, which used to be a bathhouse until Michaelando redesigned it into a church.

View from Palatine Hill.

Bridge into Isola Tiberina on the Tiber River.

From atop the Spanish Steps.

Trevi Fountain.

The streets of Rome during some evening hail.

San Pietro.

And there are more pictures here.

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赵晨威 said...

You made a spread. Of course you made a spread.

Your pictures would go great with bagels...