Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Capturing Old New York

Offering another look at the vanishing, old, rustic look of New York City, Dave Itzoff writes about the popularity of filming in New York City because of film tax credits, incentives and the variety of locations. Later on in the article, he talks about location scouts that look around the city for amazing location possibilities. He ends the article with this:

While they juggle the needs of their shows with the demands of residents, many producers say they are also scrambling to capture the rustic and unglamorous portions of the city, which are gradually being trampled beneath the march of gentrification.

The old New York Shipyard in Red Hook, once a go-to spot for shows that needed a hardscrabble, industrial edge, recently became the home of an Ikea furniture store.

“Often,” said Mr. Ross of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” “I’ll send a scout out to someplace and I’ll say, ‘It’s a really great old warehouse. My guy will go out there and they’re like, ‘Nothing’s there any more. It’s gone.’ ”

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