Friday, June 27, 2008

Butters & Gob

About two weeks ago, Josh and I decided to buy a guinea pig. (We originally wanted a bunny, but bunnies are expensive and require more attention; guinea pigs are more low-maintaince.) We headed over to PETCO and picked out a light brown and white female guinea pig. We named her Butters; the name fits, despite not being gender-appropriate. The following week, we decided that Butters needed a friend, so we went back to the store and brought home Gob, a dark-brown-with-white-splotches guinea pig. They get along wonderfully. Look at their adorableness.


kiara ink said...

My grandchildren are adorable! I especially like the one with Gob leaning on Butters' back. Bring them here sometime so they can roam free, like Cindy, my childhood hamster (ask Josh if he remembers that story).

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