Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Through the Viewfinder

While working on the Rail last month, Walter, Anna and I talked about cameras. I've been carrying my DSLR with me a lot lately and Walter just purchased his own DSLR. Anna mentioned that she wanted to take portraits and Walter offered her his other camera, a twin-lens reflexive camera from Seagull. The camera was in the office today, so I played around with it. This camera is, to me, a wonderful throwback to the old days of photography. There is no typical viewfinder; rather, you look through the top of the camera, using a sort of pop-up-box. The scene recreates itself on a flat surface by two lens. It's hard to explain, but the image through its viewfinder was amazing, so I decided to take pictures of those images.

Check out more pictures here.

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Sumit said...

that's really cool!