Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bits: East River Access, Anti-Koran Film and Luxury with Development


"East River's Edge" editorial from the New York Observer

I like the way the Observer thinks.


"Dutch lawmaker says anti-Koran film almost finished" by Alexandra Hudson, from Reuters

So Dutch politician and now filmmaker Geert Wilders created an "anti-Koran" film, which obviously offends Muslims around the world. Yes, he has freedom of speech and the right to create whatever he wants, but, think about it: if someone made an anti-Bible film, how would that go over?

And, on another note, it's interested to see that Turkey made a statement against the film, considering their struggle between remaining secular and non-secular.


"Pondering Public Uses for a Hall Named Great" by Terry Pristin from the New York Times

It's a good thing New York City is restoring and no destroying the Battery Maritime Building, which is in itself an interesting place (the ferry to Governor's Island used to dock there). It's an even better thing that New York City is looking for public uses for the building. But why are luxury apartments (and hotels, in this case) attached to every restoration and development project?

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