Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Deserted World

A look at New York, post-New Yorkers. Picture taken from io9.

I enjoy exploring abandoned places. By "abandoned places," I mean places that used to be in use and now are left to stand alone, letting nature and time works its course. Now I get to indulge in my obsessions with the new History Channel series Life After People, which does just that, but at a larger scale. What would the world today look like without people to maintain it? Judging from these pictures, beautifully devastating, I'd say. I must watch. The show premieres on April 21st.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shouting & Whispering

This is Adam's Moss' take on New York magazine covers. It's interesting that they feel like they can be more creative, since they don't rely on newsstand sales. I like that they're trying to experiment.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fashion Magazines, Without the Makeup

Picture from

European fashion magazines are better than their American counterparts because they're less focused on the star quality of their cover stars (every celebrity is promoting something) and more concerned with what they should be: fashion. And they're easily mockable, as Jezebel points out. The covers of European fashion magazines are more interesting, too. Take the concept of the main editorial in the April issue of French Elle: stars without makeup. Can you really imagine Anna Wintour approving of that editorial, nevertheless placing it on the cover?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Carved Seattle Boats

Photo from Seattlest.

During our spring break trip to Seattle (of which an entry will hopefully follow once I pick out pictures), Josh and I visited Lake Union because I wanted to check out the Center for Wooden Boats. While keeping up with Seattlest, I stumbled on this entry. It would've been awesome if we could've seen the canoe being made by carving.

New York City, the State?

This could never possibly happen, New York City and New York State are too reliant on each other. Though, if it were to happen, would New York State still be known as the Empire State, despite not holding claim to our Empire State building? Yep, these are the things I think about.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New York Lighthouses

This article sparked a new interest in lighthouses....

New York on the Edge

I like this quote a lot, from an article about Coney Island still being open:

“It always feels like New York is on the edge of losing its soul,” [Aaron Bebee] said, “and Coney Island represents that. Coney dying — it’s kind of like a stand-in for everything else.”

Walkway Over the Hudson

While the idea of this walkway-park is nice, I hope they don't ruin the rusty look of the bridge, because it looks nice, doesn't it?