Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fashion Magazines, Without the Makeup

Picture from Jezebel.com

European fashion magazines are better than their American counterparts because they're less focused on the star quality of their cover stars (every celebrity is promoting something) and more concerned with what they should be: fashion. And they're easily mockable, as Jezebel points out. The covers of European fashion magazines are more interesting, too. Take the concept of the main editorial in the April issue of French Elle: stars without makeup. Can you really imagine Anna Wintour approving of that editorial, nevertheless placing it on the cover?

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Edit This said...

I totally agree. European even South Asian magazines are much better!

I randomly found your blog but I'm also a Bangladeshi-American Journalist living in NYC. I don't know anyone else that's Bengali and has the same occupation as me so it was great to stumble upon your blog. I am definitely adding you to my blog roll.