Sunday, November 2, 2008

Six Feet of True Blood

After deciding that Six Feet Under is my number one favorite show (I can't decide on the rest of the list), I read this interesting review of True Blood (Alan Ball's latest creation) and this paragraph nicely summed up my initial feelings on True Blood:
No matter what that slut says, the only new show I never miss is True Blood. Admittedly, Alan Ball's kooky vampire mystery baffled me at first. I guess I half-expected those small-town vampires to seduce the mortals in their midst with vitriolic psychoanalysis and ultra-witty complaints about the pretensions of art school, then adopt scrappy, adorable foster children, indulge in illicit affairs with relative strangers, and finally, fall down dead from scary brain infections out of the blue. (Narm!)
And what keeps the writer engaged in True Blood, despite the fact that it's not Six Feet Under, are the same reasons I do.

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