Monday, March 10, 2008

Driving to Memphis

This Saturday, after relaxing and getting ready Thursday night and Friday in Selkirk, Josh and I will embark on a road trip to Memphis, Tennessee, with planned stops in Richfield, North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee.

This is the kind of trip I need, especially now.

Josh is interested in the music scene there, so we're going to hit up Graceland in Nashville, Beale Street in Memphis and other various places. One of my goals is to check out the Mississippi River, which apparently smells bad, but I don't care. We only have a week for the trip, which is why Memphis is the perfect destination. If we drove straight to Memphis without any stops, it would take about 19 hours.

I'm hoping to make more stops along the way, like hideaways in the Appalachians, with time permitting. (Rob's helping us out with this area.)

And then there's always the drive back.

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