Thursday, July 12, 2007

Working at The Brooklyn Rail

Inside the Brooklyn Rail office.

Officially, I am now a (working) member of The Brooklyn Rail, complete with press pass and title (Layout Editor soon to be Art Director). Prompted by my graduation anxiety in May, I sent out my resume in a flurry to a list of contacts provided to me by a wonderful adviser at Lang. The editor of the Rail responded and I met up with him. We got along well and that's how I came to assist at the Brooklyn Rail. This was without pay because no one really gets paid but I wanted to stay involved with a publication. The environment is fun and lax, everyone is chill and interesting and it was perfect. My first day there (I proofread printouts), one of the designers mentioned how they needed to find more designers, since they were going to leave soon. Being in the right place at the right time, I mentioned I designed for my college newspaper and I knew InDesign pretty well. And from that, I became a layout editor. You can see my handy work in this month's issue of the Brooklyn Rail, adorned with either a Jesus toy figure on a fighter jet or a photograph of a Richard Serra piece on the covers, within the Local, Express and Streets sections.

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